Mission:- To introduce Chess to every child by making it a part of the school curriculum, not only to improve their cognitive and emotional capabilities but also to create future Grand Masters of India.

Objective:- The CIS program is run in 87 schools all over Maharashtra. The aim is to spread the program more and to get at least 200 schools, 10000 students under this program. The aim is also to train and develop certified coaches.


  • Jain Irrigation Inc
  • Symbiosis SPA
  • Chitale Dairy(Co-Sponsors)
  • Chess.Me.

Course:-The course and the syllabus used is recognised by FIDE, the international governing body of chess.

Talent Search:-This program will help in identifying talents through various tournaments, quizzes and events. These talents will be encouraged and developed further.

Deliverables to the School:-Each school will be supported with:-

  1. 10 Chess Boards
  2. 1 demo board
  3. Certificates to the children participating
  4. Certificate to the trainers.
  5. Certificates to the school participating in the program
  6. Awards to the best performing schools.

Advantages:-This program helps not only in developing the game but also in many different ways.

  • It helps in improving:-

    1. Mathematics and Basic Arithmetic
    2. Problem Solving and Decision Making
    3. Reading and Vocabulary
  • It helps in making one:-

    1. Disciplined
    2. Self Confident
    3. Patient
    4. Creative

Certification:- After successfully completing this program, certificates from MCA to-

  1. School
  2. Trainer
  3. Students

will be awarded.