Nubairshah Shaikh of Thane Wins Praha International Open Rapid Chess Championships, Reached International rating of 2400+

Nubairshah Shaikh, 17, of Thane, studying second year Diploma in Civil Engineering at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute , Mumbai was participated in four European International Chess Championships and wins Praha International Open Rapid Chess Championships in Prague , Czech Republic. He remains unbeaten in the event scoring 6 ( 5 win and 2 draw) points in 7 rounds and gained 36 Elo rating points.. He was 9th seed (2236) before start of the event. Total of 59 players from 8 countries were participated including 2 GM, 1 WGM, 3 IM and 1 FM .

He played ever best in his chess carrier and increased his standard rating by 150 Elo rating points in three tournaments . i.e. 2275 to 2425 and by crossing 2400 rating achieved one of the mile stone to become International Master.

Groningen International Open Chess Festival (Netherlands), 20 to 30 December 2014 : On the occasion of 400 years to Groningen University in 2014 , he was one of the invited player invited by Groningen University to take part in. Total of 110 players from 21 countries were participated including 12 GM, 19 IM and 14 FM which made the stronger tournament field , in which he gained +19 Elo international rating points.

XXVI Abeirto International Open Roquetas De Mar Chess Championships 2-6 January 2015, Roquetas De Mar, Spain : Total of 122 players from 16 countries were participated including 10 GM, 11 IM, 3 WIM, 14 FM and 3 WFM which made the tournament field tough on top boards , in which he scored 6 ( 5 win and 2 draw) points in 9 rounds and gained unbelievable +55 international rating points. His starting rank was 35th and I stood 15th in final standing.

Praha International Open Chess Championships A ( 14th International Chess Festival Series of Czech tour), 9 to 16 January 2015 , Prague, Czech Republic:Total of 193 players from 36 countries were participated including 10 GM, 16 IM and 19 FM made the tournament field very tough and strong.. He scored 6 points ( 3 win and 6 draw) in 9 rounds. He was 31sth seed before start of the event. He remain unbeaten in the event and stood 19th in Final standing and gained +76 Elo rating points . He defeated International Master of Russia in 5th round and I got the best game prize of that round amongst 95 games.

Nubairshah said , " This was my best achievement in chess carrier. I am very happy. I missed my IM norms just by half point last rounds of Spain and Czech tournaments but gained 150 elo rating points. My coaches GM Praveen Thipsay and IM Sharad Tilak took very positive efforts to improve my game to 2400 standard rating. Firstly I have to obtain my remaining 2 IM norms and again improve my game to progress further. My VJTI institute allowed me to participate in the event. "